IELTS Speaking Getting Rid Of Mother Tongue Influence?

There are many people who have difficulty in speaking correct English. One of the core problems is MTI or Mother Tongue Influence. It is defined as the impact of the usage of your own mother tongue or native language on the second language that you desire to communicate in. For instance, if Spanish is your first language or mother tongue then the impact of the usage of this can be felt in use of the English as well. You may pronounce words or phrases in such a way that anyone can get the feel of your own native language. The use of sounds from your own mother tongue or native language may make it difficult for listeners to understand your English.

To get rid of mother tongue influence is very important. Otherwise, MTI (mother tongue influence) can create a problem for you.

Most of the candidates get a good score in their IELTS Reading, Writing and even Listening but when it comes to speaking they do not manage to get a good score. One of the simple reasons behind such a low score is the mother tongue influence. When you speak it is very important that you should speak in a natural way. But, it should sound English too.

It is easy to overcome MTI issues. You need to learn how you can do this. 

Learning correct pronunciation

Pronunciation is one of the most important parts of being fluent. Yes, you need to spend time learning how words in English are pronounced. Learn how to articulate English sounds. Correct mouth movement, intonation, and accent play crucial roles. 

How can you improve your pronunciation?

Well, it is always good to get training from an expert. Take help of the one who is adept at phonetics. And if you think you can’t spend time learning at an institution then you can make use of free resources that are available online. For instance, you can use talking dictionaries to learn more about how a particular word is pronounced in different ways. You should try to pronounce the words as per the UK or US rules. When you learn to pronounce, you will develop correct accent and intonation as well.

Practice is the only way to get rid of the MTI. Listen to the English words and pronounce as they should be pronounced. It is possible that at the beginning you will find it difficult to pronounce without the influence of your mother tongue but slowly and surely you will be able to overcome this problem and speak natural English.

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