IELTS Speaking Common Myths?

While preparing for the IELTS it is common to come across myths. You want to get answers to all your questions. This article explains some common myths about the IELTS speaking test.

You need to impress the interviewer to get a good score

To be honest, the first impression should always be good. But, it doesn’t mean that you will have to crack some jokes to impress the interviewer. That is not important. Speak naturally. Speak clearly. Be what you are. You do not have to show an attitude that is not really yours. Be what you are. That would be enough.

Selecting the right IELTS tests center is important to get a good band score

Most of the candidates are of the view that certain centers give the best scores whereas others do not. But, there is no reality in it. You can pick any IELTS center that is nearer to you. You will get the score that you deserve. No one is going to lower down your band score. No malpractices will be allowed during the examination. All the test centers follow guidelines as issued by the IELTS committee.

It is important that you should have a British/American accent

You need to speak in your own tone. You do not have to mimic. You do not have to put on a British or American accent. Use your natural accent. But, yes, it is important that you should not let your mother tongue create any influence on your English. It should be good. You need to speak clearly with the proper accent.

You can’t ask questions

If you feel it is important to ask questions, then do not hesitate. Ask your interviewers whatever you want in order to get clarity on the task. Suppose you have got a task that you have not understood then there is nothing wrong to get your doubts cleared.

You can’t request a change of essay

Generally, it is not recommended that you should not ask for a change of topic. If you have got a topic then you shall try to speak about the same. However, if you feel that you can’t say anything about it then you can ask the interviewer to give you some other topic. The interview may ask you to speak about the same or may give you a new topic.

You need to make use of high-sounding words

You are required to make use of words that are simple. Use simple but effective sentences. It is good to make use of a variety of sentences.

You shall not express your true opinions

If you are speaking on a topic that requires you to give your opinions then you are free to share your opinions. You can say what you truly feel. You can swing to any side that you want.

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