IELTS Score Calculator

ondering how IELTS Test Score is generated? How is it measured? Certainly, band score of 7 or 8 or more than 8 is always the best. This is what many of the candidates would try for. If you are taking IELTS, you will also be expecting to get the same band score, Right?

Understanding More About Band Score

It is important to know how the score is generated. Here, we have come up with the information you may need to understand how the scoring is done.

Let us begin with the basics. In IELTS, three will be four modules. IELTS Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. In Reading Test, there will be 40 questions to answer (whether you take Academics or General). In Listening Test, there will be 40 questions again (total number of questions would just be the same whether you take General Version or Academic Version). Writing Test may comprise two tasks. Task 1 would be a letter (For All those who go for General but for all those who go for Academics, it would be a topic to write about). Task 2 would be the same for all. Speaking Test is again going to be the same for all candidates. It may last for about 11 minutes with three simple sections.

Scoring Pattern

Let us say, you have taken Reading Test. And out of 40 questions, you have answered 25 questions correctly. So, what shall be the band score for you? Well, let us tell you this, it can be anywhere around 6 (but when it comes to General Reading Test, it can be calculated as 5.5 or a little more). Yes, you have got it right. If you can manage to answer 30 questions correctly, you may expect to get somewhere around 7. Similarly, if any candidate manages to get 30 questions correct in Listening, he or she might expect a band score of 7. Yes, this is how scoring is done. Now, you can calculate on your own as well focusing more on the percentage.

So, What About Speaking and Writing Scores?

Here, the pattern of scoring is more or less complex because it may vary with the type of answers you might submit. Let us say if you have taken Task 1 and Task 2 in Writing Test. You have written well, perfectly fulfilling the tasks as per the instructions but still, your grammar was not strong. Let us say, you have got 10 grammatical errors in your 150 words Task then your score may go down to 5. And please, take this into account that it may even go a little more down if the sentences you have used are not perfectly conjoined or if your answer does not have the coherence which is needed to get anything above 7 as band score.

In Speaking, it would be dependent more upon how well you present yourself, how strong is your language, how you may answer questions, whether you falter or speak with confidence, whether you are speaking on the topic or just beating around the bush.

Average Score

The score you may get in all four different tests will be calculated and the total band score will be the average of these four.

For instance

6 (Reading) + 5.5 (Writing) + 6 (Listening) + 5 (Speaking)

_______________________________________________                 = Your Real Band Score in IELTS


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