IELTS Reading How Can You Improve Your Score For Matching Headings?

In IELTS Reading you will get different types of questions such as multiple choice questions, completing the summary, short answer questions, etc. But, questions with respect to matching headings can be very tough. Most of the students find such questions difficult because they either do not understand the question or they feel difficulty in finding the proper headings for the given paragraphs or the sections of the passage.

Matching Headings with sections in the given passage

In your reading test, generally, the longer passage may have about 6-8 small paragraphs or sections. Or in some cases ,the number of paragraphs or the sections in the given passage will be more than 10. And for each paragraph, you will get a heading. These headings will be jumbled up and you are expected to find the right heading for the paragraph. Of course, the number of headings will be more than the sections of the passage. If there are 8 sections in the passage, you may get 10 or 12 headings. Yes, only 8 will be appropriate and the rest of the headings will be there to confuse you. 

There can be a number of issues with questions that require you to match the headings with the paragraphs given in the passage.

You will have to be very careful. You will have to identify, analyze the main points of the paragraph. Remember the main point can be there in the first sentence or in the middle or at the end of the section. These types of questions are meant to check whether you will be able to identify the main points or not, whether you can segregate main ideas from the supporting ideas or not. 

So, spend time more wisely. Closely analyze the headings. Understand what each heading says. Try to look for the same information in the given paragraphs.

You can look at one heading and then scan all the sections. You do not have to read the whole paragraphs or the sections. Read intelligently. Scan them to spot the relevant information.

Sometimes, headings are paraphrased. So, you do not have to focus only on keywords. You will have to look for similar words or phrases too. 

You do not have to look for the answers in order. You can pick the headings that look a bit different and try to match them with the relevant sections.

Remember, the answers will never be in order. 

And certainly, you do not have to waste time matching difficult headings with sections. If you can’t find the answer, move on and try to focus on the other headings. At the end, when you will successfully match other headings, the remaining sections will be easy to match with the headings.

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