IELTS Reading Analysis and Comprehension?

IELTS Reading is not just a simple test of reading. It requires test takers to be very good at analyzing the text and comprehending the text too.


Specially IELTS academic is more challenging. There will be long passages and you shall be able to read, and understand perfectly well to answer all the questions.


Do I have to remember everything I read during IELTS Reading?


The answer is no. You do not have to remember everything you read. It is not important that you remember each and every idea the paragraphs contain. 


Do I have to understand everything the passage contains in order to answer all the questions in the Reading Test?


No, you really do not have to understand everything given in the passage. Because, it is all about locating the answers. You will have to be good at finding the answers. That is the trick.


Of course, to answer the questions, you need to have some degree of understanding of the passages as well but still you can locate answers intelligently without paying more attention to 100% comprehension.    


Reading Super-fast or Skimming


You will have to learn the art of skimming. It is a form of reading where you read super-fast with your eyes. You run your eyes on the text with the intention to locate main points This will make you familiar with the general topic of the passage. This shall take not more than 2 minutes. So, if you master this art of skimming the information, it will become easy for you to complete reading the passages in less time. You will save a lot of time to answer the questions.


Let us say, you have to match headings with the paragraphs given in the passage.


You can pick one heading and start skimming the passage. You do not have to focus on all the headings at the same time. Pick only one heading and skim the passage to find the relevant paragraph that matches with it. You can find the relevant paragraph talking about if you focus on some keywords given in the heading.


Remember, sometimes keywords are given in the form of synonyms. So, you will have to be smart enough to locate the answers. 


IELTS Reading: Tips and Tricks 


  • You will have to master the art of skimming the passage (read as quickly as you can to get the general idea of the content). 
  • Read the questions carefully.
  • Identify what type of question it is (what does it really want you to do?) 
  • Try to locate answers with the help of the keywords given in the questions. 
  • When you find the answer, be double sure by analyzing it carefully. Try to read the other sentences around your answer to pick the right answer for the question. 
  • When you do not find the answer, move to the next question. As you will waste your time if you stick to just one single question. You can come back to such difficult questions later. 


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