IELTS Listening Importance Of Logic?

Do you know most of the candidates who take the IELTS Listening test get confused and find it difficult to answer the questions?


Often, the problem arises because of poor listening or understanding. You need to listen to the recordings with rapt attention. Even a moment of carelessness can lower down your score. You may miss the word that can actually be an answer for the question.


The logical approach to answering questions IELTS


At the beginning of the recordings you will be asked to read the questions. This is the time that you should utilize and understand the questions. You can focus on the key words and look for the same words that may appear in your recordings. But, the challenge is you may not hear the keywords. You will not find exact words that you will spot in the questions. This will confuse you and you will struggle to find the right answer.


But, wait. This situation can easily be tackled. You need to pay attention to synonyms for the words that you find in the questions. Yes, the use of synonyms is very common in IELTS listening.  And apart from this, you will have to think logically. If you do not think logically, you may miss out on selecting the right answer.






Tour Agent: Hello, SIR, how can I help you.

Client: Hello, I want to understand what tour packages you have.

Tour Agent: Certainly, SIR. Ah, the name is …..

Client: Marvin

Tour Agent: OK, SIR. Let me explain. We have five different holiday packages. Beach Holiday Packages, Family Holiday Packages, Summer Holiday Packages, Winter Holiday Packages and Luxury Holiday Packages.

Marvin: It is a unique occasion! Looking for real indulgence!

Tour Operator: Well, how about fly-drive holiday to Ireland!

Marvin: That will do, I guess, but it includes?


Questions 1-3



SQLR Tour Agency


Customer’s Name: (1)………………


Tour Operator described (2) …………. Tour Packages


Circle the correct answer:


Marvin wants to go for holidays because (3) …………..


  1. He is bored and wants to take a break from work
  2. He wants to spend time with family
  3. He wants to spend time somewhere away from his home
  4. He wants to celebrate something special.




Answers:1 Marvin, 2 5 Tour Packages, 3 D


If you look at the sample script given above and the questions given in the box, you will understand what we are talking about here.


The answer for question 3 is D. If we analyze the script we can understand that Marvin is waiting for some special occasion. The words such as “It is a unique occasion. Looking for real indulgence,” clearly suggest that.


 So, next time, when you are a little confused which answer can be correct, try to think logically as well. This will certainly help you and you will be able to find the correct answer.


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