IELTS How to Avoid Common Mistakes?

IELTS speaking and writing will require you to make use of the correct English. If you make mistakes, you will not be able to reach your desired score.

There are many candidates who make very common mistakes. You can learn a little more about word usage or grammar rules to write and speak correct English.

Check out the following sentence:

  •        There is much dusts in this room (incorrect).
  •        There is much dust in the room (correct).

Most of the candidates make use of the plural nouns along with words such as more, less or much. That is a very common mistake. You need to understand that we generally use singular noun forms with these words.

  •        There is more funs in it (incorrect)
  •        There is more fun in it (correct)

Similarly, candidates make mistakes when they use “fewer,” “less,” or “lesser.”

Incorrect: There were very lesser people. .

Correct:  There were fewer people

When it comes to making use of the apostrophe to show possession (shared by two nouns), candidates tend to add apostrophes to both the nouns.

Incorrect: It is Shirley’s and Martha's car.

Correct: It is Shirley and Martha's car. 

When we do not know the animal gender, we can have the opportunity to use “It”.

‍Incorrect: The cat has lost his way.

Correct:  The cat has lost its way.

We use “That” when we talk about non-living things. We use “Who” we talk about living things.

Incorrect: His brother, that is a doctor is here.

Correct: His brother, who is a doctor, is here.

Incorrect: The book who you have ordered has arrived.

Corrected: The book that you have ordered has arrived.

Most of the candidates wrongly say, “Give it to I.” The correct sentence would be, “Give it to me.”

But, there can be some exceptions too.

Check out the sentences given below:

Incorrect:  Ana and me took the exams.  

Correct: Ana and I took the exams.

Incorrect: She bought as well as me.

Correct: She bought as well as I.

Similarly, most of the IELTS candidates make use of adverbs in a wrong way. They use it when it is not needed or they do not use it when it is really needed.

‍Incorrect:  The mother spoke to her quiet. 

Correct:  The mother spoke to her quietly. 

Incorrect: They shouted as loud as they could.

Corect: They shouted as loudly as they could.

When you are making use of the plurals, it is very important that you shall focus on using the right form of the verb as well.

Often, the plural nouns don't agree with the verb form. If you are using a plural noun you are expected to make use of plural verbal form as well. But, if you are using a noun in its singular form, you need to use verbs in its singular form too.

‍Incorrect:  The wages is very high.

Correct:  The wages are very high.  

Incorrect: The scissors is not purchased.

Correct: The scissors are not purchased.

Incorrect:   The police is coming.

Corect: The police are coming.

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