The pandemic of coronavirus since 2019 has modified so many aspects of IELTS study plans and exam dates. If you have planned to take the IELTS exams within the next two months, you may be worried about what would happen to your study plans and exam schedules.

Remarkably, the British Council is coordinating with your local authorities to decide onexam schedules and centers. In Corona affected localities, the dates of computer-based and paper-based IELTS exams are suspended until April, and it may even be extended based on the condition.

In other exam locations, where the Corona impact is considerably low, the IELTS exams are expected to continue as per their schedule.

There are many students like you, who are off track and anxious due to this pandemic. Moreover, falling off track of your IELTS exam is a common issue and unavoidable now. What you can do now is to choose the suitable online practice plan, preferably a lengthy study plan. You are now advantageous to take many full-length online IELTS Practice sessions, which are the best method to experience real test-like conditions and track your skills to crack the official IELTS exams.