How to Scrape Through Difficulties in IELTS Reading Test

For many test-takers, IELTS reading test can be very tough. It is certainly not enough that you know how to read, not enough to have skills to understand what the passages talk about. The challenging part lies in identifying the right answers and this requires a special set of skills.

Remember, the main aim of the test is to judge how good you are at understanding written English.

Skimming is a perfect way of reading

Skimming is the right way of reading when it comes to IELTS reading. You certainly do not have to focus on each and every single word. You just need to read more smartly. Just skim over the text and try to find the answers.

Focus on time

You need to spend your time more carefully. You will have only an hour and there will be 40 questions. Some questions might not take more than 60 seconds whereas there are a few questions (especially questions present in the last passage of the Academic Reading Test) which may require more of your time. So, you will have to divide the time. You need to manage the time in a proper way without getting bowled over by anything.


Often, test-takers do not pay attention to what they have written. Yes, spellcheck is compulsory. You need to be sure that you have written the answers without any spelling errors. Nine times out of ten, candidates do not check their answers and as a result of this, errors which might have crept into their answers lead to low scores.

Order of the questions

It shall be said that the questions will be in descending order. More often, answer for the question 4 will be after the question 3. If you have got the answer for the question 3 in the third paragraph, then you really need to look for the answer for the fourth question in the third paragraph itself of the fourth paragraph.

Underlining the text

You can underline the text which you think is more relevant to the answer to the given question. This will save your time and you will not have to run your eyes again and again on the same text.

Unfamiliar Vocabulary – You don’t need to be Johnson

You really do not have to be the great Johnson when it comes to reading test. If you come across any word that is not known to you, then do not focus more on it. Just try to understand the meaning of it through the given context.

No blank boxes on answer sheet

You shall not leave any question. You shall try to answer all the questions. If you are not able to find answers, then at least try to guess out and provide your answer in the blank space given. How know, your answer might go right!a