How To Get Band Score You Desire Of?

Take IELTS Speaking more confidently and get a good score that you wish for. Listed down are a few of the tips and tricks to speak well.

Yes/No will not work

If you want to score higher in IELTS it is important that you should speak more effectively, take the initiative and show more confidence by giving meaningful and fairly lengthy answers. When you stick to replying by saying only yes or no, you will be in trouble. Remember, the interviewer doesn’t want that from you.

Check out some questions and answers

Example for bad answers

Do you have friends?


Do you like basketball?


Do you like cricket?


Examples of good answers

Do you like football?

Yes, absolutely, that is one of my favorite sports. In fact, I was the captain of my team when I was at college.

Do you have friends?

Well, yes, I have. And I feel lucky to have good friends.

What is your favorite pastime?

I enjoy photographing nature, the sunset, the sunrise, the birds. That is the thing I love the most.

I enjoy painting. It gives me the feeling of happiness.

But, do not speak too much

It is true that you will have to give as lengthy answers as possible but you do not have to stretch things. Speak only when needed and speak with sense. Not all the replies should be lengthier.

Example of a good reply

What is your surname?

It is Carol.

Example of a bad reply

What is your surname?

It is Carol.  Well, without it I feel my name doesn’t have any weight.

You really do not have to pick up an accent that is not real

There is a misguided notion that western accent can help impress the interviewer and that It can make it simple for you to get better scores. But, that is really not the truth. You do not have to imitate any accent. It is very easy to note a forced foreign accent. Anyone can understand that it is not your real accent. So, you do not have to put on that accent. Speak in your tone, your voice, your accent. That is natural speaking.

Don’t show you are hesitant to speak

Even if you are hesitant, you do not have to show that. If you learn to overcome hesitation, it will be good for you. It is natural to be a little nervous but don’t let that nervousness turn into hesitation.

More often, hesitation is the result of not being confident. So, be very careful.

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