How to Ace for Band Score 9 In IELTS?

IELTS is world wide accepted test for migration. We all know that this is divided into two courses one is Academic and another General so, getting the good band in this test for any student is a resilient task.

In IELTS, scoring will decide what level of English we have. Accordingly, if the student is applying for Academic, he may be considered for few colleges or universities also, if the student is applying for immigration, then he will be considered for the jobs which are relevantly good. So, today we would see how to ace in IELTS and get the highest band.

It is a dream for any test taker toget band score 9 which is not an easy task for non-native English speaker, you need to work harder for it as it’s not impossible to achieve as well. Ask yourself these questions and try analysing things from time to time.

  • How I can get a good score?
  • What kindof methods should I be practicing?
  • Where I have to change my practice style?
  • Am I maintaining the strategies along with time correctly?
  • How much time is still needed for me to give for the daily preparations?
  • Is it okay to take the exam on specific date or Am I ready to take the exam if so, when?

Try to write these answers in a book and update it daily so that, you’ll have a track of understanding where exactly you are each day.
Apart from these, work on other aspects also like:

  • Keen observation on the module learnings
  • Read each instruction or questions appropriately
  • Assess yourself in the module where you are and what needs to be improved upon
  • Timeout on each module makes you perfect with the accuracy
  • Practice on many sample test papers to get the hands on it
  • Improve vocabularies and also work on structures with all the needed criteriafor the tasks or modules
  • Take the guidance from the tutor or a best friend who can guide well

Note: Just practices will not be enough, proper practices are the key to success so, practice until you get the high score.