How Spelling Affect Your IELTS Score

Consider this scenario, you are taking real IELTS Test and you are now confused at a question which asks you to name the city that is the fifth largest city in the state of Texas. With lot of concentration, you have found the right answer. And it is Fort Worth.

But you are still confused, whether it is FortWorth or Fort Worth.

Fort + Worth (as one single word)

Fort + Worth (as two separate words with spaces)

If you give an answer as “FortWorth” then it is going to be incorrect answer.

The simple explanation for this is as follows:

If your answer is made up of two different words then you are expected to write two words separately. If it is “South Road” then it shall be written as two separate words and it shall not be written as one single word (like “Southroad”).

What IELTS Accept – 10 AM, 10 am, 10.00 am?

When it comes to answering any questions which require you to mention time then you have the opportunity to write as you may need. All these forms are acceptable in IELTS. You can write time in any of these ways – 10.00 am, 10 AM, 10 am.

What about date? Is it right to write 12th March or 12 March?

Candidates can write date in any of these two ways. There are no restrictions or rules pertaining to the way you answer questions which ask you to look for dates. You can either write 12 March or 12th March.

Use of Capital Letters For Answers

When you take real IELTS Listening Test or Reading Test, you may stop at certain questions and think for a moment how to write when it comes to writing answers which are proper nouns, names of the places, books etc. You may stop and think whether you shall begin your answer with the capital letter first or not, whether you shall use only capital letters for all your reading or listening answers or not, whether you need to make use of only small letters for all the answers or not.

Well, we shall tell you, you have this freedom to make use of either capital letters for all your answers or small letters (as per your choice). You can select your option. But, remember, you shall not make use of both forms. This will make your answer sheet look cluttered too.

Correct Usage




4. Ms Smith



Incorrect Usage

1. Hospital


3. 25 march

4. ms Smith

5. northroad

6. Caro line

Incorrect Spelling

Incorrect spelling can bring in trouble for you. Yes, your score will go down if your answer is incorrectly spelt. So, make sure you proofread before submitting your answer sheet.

What if I find my answer wrong? Shall I rewrite or overwrite?

Rewriting is the best option. If you are making use of pencil then you can rub off and put down your new answer. But if you are making use of pen then you will have to be very careful. If you try to overwrite in order to correct it then it may not look good. So, instead of it, you can just cross it and write your new answer next to it.