How Regular English is Different from IELTS?

As we all know that General English is a language which we use in our daily life and IELTS is an advanced version of it for those who try to go out of the country. English, we know it as a subject like Social, Science, Mathematics etc. If you wanted to learn English, when you join the class there will be set of students who will have the same goal so, you can combinedly practice with them and achieve the language proficiency either to read, speak or to write in CV’s. Many of them feel that as they are able to read and write English as the subject, so they are eligible for writing IELTS without proper preparation. Is that really true?

Well, the answer is, it’s not true because everyone has the knowledge of English somehow or the other but most importantly IELTS need a little more advanced version of upper intermediate level of the language in IELTS writing, reading, listening, speaking skills, with dual tasking effects by managing along with time.

 So, what to do to get these multi-tasking is, we have to be a bit ready before handed itself by learning its techniques and try implementing them in a simpler way by managing along with time as well. In reading the students need to know skim and scan methods, in listening students need to know skim and scan but for listening some audio-based tests along with understanding of accent. In writing student has to understand many parameters of evaluations along with high vocabulary usage, In speaking again one has to speak in a flow without hesitations and along with the proper usage of vocabularies and idioms as this can be a little informal also. Most importantly these all practices should be maintained along with short span of time given. 

I think by now you might have understood that time is more precious in giving IELTS exam and for its preparations as well. There should be an efficient guide or mentor to teach these methods and make the students get perfect and confident in the real exam. So, to conclude upon, I can say that as a language learner both will enhance your skills but for preparations you can see the major differences are always there in them. As because of IELTS toughness itself global acceptance would be provided by the IELTS committee board. Hence, be prepared to become confident.