How Can You Improve Pronunciation In IELTS Speaking?

“I am sorry, I didn’t get that.” “Can you say that again?”

There are many candidates who speak grammatically correct. But, they do not pronounce correctly. And because of this, their listeners do not understand them perfectly well.

In your IELTS speaking test, it is very important that you should speak as clearly as you can. Words should be clear enough for the interviewer to understand.

Whatever you say is recorded. Your pronunciation may directly affect your score band score. Good pronunciation is, therefore, a key to get success in IELTS speaking.

The English language has words that give different sounds. Your native language may not have those sounds. In order to pronounce perfectly well, you need to learn how to make such sounds.

Apart from this, there are vowels that make the task more complicated.

Check out these words.

Weigh, Whey, Way.

You need to improve pronunciation. This can be done in various ways.

Listen To English

One of the best ways to learn pronunciation is listening. You need to listen to English as much as you can.

You can learn from other speakers how words are preferred. Pay attention to words you hear. Did the speaker say lite or light? Did the speaker say shin or chin?  

When you listen to words and expressions closely, you will learn and develop skills to differentiate words and their sounds. But, remember, you will have to listen to only authentic English.

You can Watch English videos on YouTube. Movies, Inspiring Talks. Personalized language learning videos, etc. 

Mouth and Lips Movement

Do you know how your mouth/lips affect how you pronounce in English? Pay attention to these movements. If you watch some English videos you will understand how mouth or lips movement helps with pronouncing correctly. Notice how the speakers shape their mouth when they talk. You can try the same. 

Breaking down words into syllables

If you feel difficulty in pronouncing words, you can break these words into syllables.

For example, the word “Important” has 3 syllables (im-por-tant)

The word “Fatal” can be divided into 2 sounds or syllables (fa-tal)

Similarly, the word “Incurable” has four syllables or 4 sounds (in-cur-a-ble).

Text Reading Applications

There are so many text-reading applications avail online. You can download one that you like. It can read the text for you. You can use these applications to learn more about pronunciation (There are many websites that now give you the option to listen to their content. You can click on audio to listen to English text on the site).


Cambridge Dictionary of English, Oxford Dictionary of English Language, Merriam-Webster, and American Dictionary of English can be very useful for you to learn English sounds. You can check online versions of these dictionaries. Search for any word to get the meaning of the word and also learn how it is pronounced.

Taking help from tutor

If you have time, you can join English language training classes. The tutor can guide you and help you with improving your pronunciation.

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