Cue Card Preparations?

Are the cue card preparations easy to students???
Answer has to be no. Many students have a phobia of speaking at a length for completely 1 minute. So, IELTS will be required with the 1 minute presentation in speaking module which is given with 1 minute of preparation time.
Do we use the given time rightly to prepare? What are the strategies to accomplish this task? How much effective speaking is necessary for it? These are the questions to be understood before attempting for it.

We need to understand the time constraint which is coming into it so, it is mandatory to get the flow of ideas in that minute itself.  The approach should be in such a way that, we need to have a check on other hurdles such as coherence, communication errors, sound pauses and etc.
In preparations we need to follow the structures which gives us hints to accomplish rightly. Select a topic first, understand it well and then give a brief introduction. Later, tell the main points on it and lastly, give the appropriate conclusion or a kind of suggestion.
For example:

Talk about your favourite memory.

In this we need to first introduce our name and topic and then say when was it, what was it, how did you feel that moment, conclude that by saying a suggestion or by any quotations.
I would suggest to write the topic on a paper as pointers to keep it as an instance of remembrance.  Like:

  • Date (15/04/2006)
  • My daughter’s birth day
  • My exact feeling was, not able to think about anything else other than looking at her with a bliss. (Elaborate more here)
  •  To conclude with I can suggest that having a baby in our life makes us get mature enough as we grow along with our kids as well. (Elaborate)

Student has to understand that communication plays a major role in presenting this part II, cue card topics. Hence, there are four major areas to

follow the criteria which are given for it to get accomplished. So, they are fluency and coherence, lexical resources (vocabulary & Idiomatic expression), grammatical range and accuracy, pronunciation.
To conclude with a saying that “Practice makes man perfect”, students need to know that sitting just before the IELTS speaking exam for practices is just not enough so, have a practice of general topics daily before the mirror priorly or with a tutor who can assist rightly and can accomplish the requirements of the part 2 test of speaking module. 

Needed any info on this or some online self-paced practices, get back to us on / Facebook page / website.