COVID 19 IELTS Exam Dates

Due to the pandemic COVID-19 that has recently occurred globally is affecting thousands of people, and it is risky to be out amongst a crowd, as this spreads from human contact. The IELTS organization, who conducts tests worldwide, for students, workers and migrants are rethinking their exam dates for the safety of the people. IELTS partners have decided to stop the test-taking process for a while in major affected areas.

They even advice the students or other peers to not take IELTS if they have been ill or have been tested positive for COVID-19, they can always reschedule their exam dates for their own health and others safety.

There are some countries along with the states and specific places mentioned below of their cancellation of IELTS exam:

1) Germany - all tests suspended until 18 April 2020

2) Greece - all tests suspended until 25 March 2020

3) Hungary - all tests suspended until 15 April 2020

4) India

  • Kottayam, Kerala - all tests suspended until 21 March 2020

5) Iraq - all tests suspended until 21 March 2020

6) Ireland

  • The University of Dublin - all tests suspended until 21 March 2020
  • Cork English College - all tests suspended until 26 March 2020
  • Centre of English Studies – All the paper-based tests are suspended until 21 March 2020 and all computer based exams are suspended until 4 April 2020

7)Israel - all tests suspended until further notice

8) Italy - all tests suspended until 4 April 2020

9) Jamaica - all tests suspended until 21 March 2020

10) Jordan - all paper-based tests are suspended until 4 April 2020, all computer-delivered testing is suspended until 31 March 2020

11) Kazakhstan - all tests suspended until 15 April 2020

  And many more countries have rescheduled and canceled the original exam dates.

If you have been feeling ill, out of breath, or any normal flu or having a bad condition, then you must contact the IELTS authority to cancel your exam with a refund or reschedule it for the safety of others, and IELTS staff members.

Precautions for those who will be taking the test:

1) Wear a mask on the test day, as a precautionary health measures to safeguard your health and others too. The test takers can take their own masks, everyone in and around the test center will be covered in masks.

2) On the test day, there will be additional health measures are taken up by the IELTS organization worldwide, they will make a safe environment for every student and staff member by asking them to wash their hands and enter the exam center the whole day of the test.

Solutions to the delay of IELTS:

1) Once the rescheduled dates arrive, they will ensure to keep more exam sessions so that the delay is not affected much on the students.

2) Providing free study materials for test takers for getting them ready for the test.

3) Large test venues will be set, for more number of allotments of students.

4) They will provide, many speaking test evaluators for accommodating more test takers at once evaluators for the speaking test will be from all around the world