Do you know this information??????

Means: CLB means Canadian Language Bench mark and IELTS means International English Language Testing System. As we can understand by its name itself that CLB is approved by Canadian immigration itself so on with CELPIP as well and IELTS is accepted globally. 

Details: CLB always approves IELTS and CELPIP which are commonly tested for English language proficiency.  In Canada, there are number of people who speak British English and American English as well so, the employer or universities can accept both. That might be the reason to get the score with ease when they write in CELPIP which is approved by CLB. 

Key areas to Score: Mainly, CELPIP looks for the score of listening and speaking so, it tries to have focus more in that modules even in the real CELPIP exam as well whereas, IELTS look into the writing module along with speaking as the preparations will be more on that as well.

Scoring: Coming to the scoring part which is different in both as IELTS will score up to 9 points in all four modules which is highest and in CLB or CELPIP scores will be up to 12 points in all four modules which is highest.

Pricing: Fee of them varies as IELTS will consider the fee for General and Academic but in CELPIP which is considered by CLB they take CELPIP General with 280$+ taxes CUB as per the updated prices and for CELPIP- LS is for 195$+ taxes CUB and IELTS fee for both General and Academic is 215-250$ USD.

Validations: IELTS and CELPIP both are valid up to 2 years and if needed they have to write again.

Toughness:  In general perception I would conclude that, it depends on person to person as to how the student wishes to write the exam at their convenience and knowledge as both will be showcasing same level of toughness. 

Tip: So, sit back, practice well in advance, take the tutor guidance and give out the paper.