Capitalising in IELTS is a Boon or Bane?

What happens when we write the words or sentences in haphazard way without using the capital letters at right places especially in IELTS?
Language is an ocean where every single structure plays its major role in construction of a perfect and senseful sentence. We all know that capitalisation is a basic topic yet essential part in English language, as from childhood it’s been taught to us, and everyone expect us to know it as well. 

Let us now see how and why it impacts on IELTS?   

Captalisation is a method to write one letter in a group or starting letter of a sentence in Higher case and rest of the letters in Lower case. If we do not follow this in IELTS which is the advanced version for English test then it is a Bane because we may ignore it as a small topic but the examiner would identify that we are unaware of this basic topic and would delete our marks to assign score of 4 or 5. So, it’s always better for us to get prepared for these writing practices before giving the real test itself. 

Basic rules of metropolis IELTS writing are- Check whether the word is a common noun or proper noun in its first place of identification. When you look around, wherever you are, you will find common nouns like school, car, window, chair, computer etc. So, we do not use capital letter/higher case while using these words until they are attached with proper noun words like the exact name of the common noun such as, Christmas festival, Days of the week, Amsterdam as place, Johnson’s school, Hyundai car, H.P/Dell computers etc. Capital letters always have a confusion while its used along with punctuation. So, some simple tips for it are, always start the sentence with capital letter usage or after dot “.” first alphabet. Also, another aspect of not using a capital letter is after a coma “,” unless it is a proper noun in the continuation. 

In IELTS Academic Task 1, the headings of the chart or graphs or diagram will be given in capital letters, and we assume that it is right and apply the same in emphasizing it or writing it. This gives the negative impact on our score and gets decreased. What we need to do in real is, these headings must be understood first whether its common noun or proper noun then accordingly use capitals letters for the task. 

Considering all these catastrophic errors, lets look at the correct example sentence below.
My daughter lives in one of the beautiful cities of Australia which is called Sydney as they recently moved from Melbourne (Starting of the sentence, Place names).

In conclusion, I would suggest that as you practice with ease of learning, you get to know it better along with practices.