Approach in IELTS Writing Task 1?

As IELTS has international acceptance, there is a need to discuss about the components for assessment in writing module. There will be 2 tasks for General IELTS and Academic IELTS for students.

Differences in Academic & General
The main difference between those two are: In General, student needs to write either Formal or Informal letters in Task: 1 whereas in Academic, student needs to represent Pie Chart, Bar Graph, Diagram, Flow Chart which has data in it and needed to write that precisely which is called as data description method.

Expertise On Time Management:
Overall, time in the writing exam for General and Academic will be for 60 minutes wherein, 20 mins will be for Task 1 and remaining 40 mins for Task 2 which is Essay writeups. The time will be sub divided again as 5 mins for reading the question and remaining 15 mins for writing Task 1. It’s always preferable, if you can practice these tasks along with the time management otherwise, it becomes difficult to manage the time at examination centre which can lead to the lower scores.

Word Count Specifications:
There will be a word limit for these tasks as well because first one has to be 150 words minimum as data in it has to be explained shortly and second task will be for 250 words as the topic has to be elaborated and explanation should be very keen along with the criteria. So, let us try understanding as to how we can have an approach for this writing Task 1.    

Needed Markings and Criteria:
Understanding of the IELTS marking and criteria is also required for writing paper. Generally, the score card is given up to 0-9 bands by viewing all the 4 modules (listening, speaking, reading, writing) band scores separately whereas, 6-9 score is considered as good score to get into any of the best universities abroad. Now, let’s look at the criteria or parameters on which the test is assessed. There are 4 main criteria on which the criteria assessed. They are:

  1. Task Achievement
  2. Coherence and Cohesion
  3. Lexical resource of the words which is used
  4. Grammatical range and accuracy


Required Plan Of Action:
How to implant our plan into action, is the main essence needed to start the practices.

  • Firstly, paraphrase the question in introduction and write accordingly.
  • Secondly, write an overview of the question asked by highlighting 4-5 major points but not referring any data references.   
  • Thirdly, start the explanations related to the question deeply by supporting all the main features.
  • Lastly, re-read and check all the sapling written mistakes in descriptions to rectify them before submissions along with coherence and cohesion.

Conclude upon:  
 Understanding the question/subject line and analysing the structures according to the data is itself the most crucial part before starting the writings of Task 1.


Note: Try the practices with an expert guidance to get the best score for it.