An Important Criterion For Band Score 7 To 9

Grammar is one of the most important aspects of writing. If you want your writing to be marvelously good then you need to make it grammatically perfect.

In IELTS, good grammar plays a crucial role. It is one of the criteria to get a band score of 7 to 8 or 9. Most of the candidates write well. They pick good words to explain their thoughts but they do not create sentences that are perfect.

Check out this sentence:

I have a good news for you.”

Whether the sentence given above is right or wrong?

Obviously, it is wrong. But many of the candidates commit such common mistakes.. They do not focus and that is why their writing doesn’t make a good impression.

Some of the commonest mistakes are given below:

Verb Tense Errors

Verb-Tense Errors are very common. Most of the candidates do not proper forms of verbs while writing an IELTS essay.



I wanted to read the novel so I buy it today.

I wanted to read the novel so I bought it today.

She was confused so she calls one of her friends.

She was confused so she calls one of her friends.

She walks 2 kilometers today

She walked 2 kilometers today.

She have three sisters

She has three sisters

Have he come?

Has he come?

Were he coming?

Was he coming

She were upset

She was upset

Where are the team?

Where is the team?

Don’t use double negatives

You should not use double negatives as these are considered classic examples of bad or poor grammar.

“I can’t hardly describe what I really felt at that time.”

“Can’t” and “Hardly” are both negative in nature. You are expected to say like this: I can’t describe what I really felt at that time. Or you can also say, I can hardly describe what I really felt at that time.



She doesn’t want no excuses.

She doesn’t want excuses.

They will not do nothing.

They will not do anything.

She can’t find her books nowhere.

She can’t find her books anywhere.

He didn’t steal nothing.

He didn’t steal anything.

Use of simple sentences

The use of simple sentences is recommended in your IELTS writing. You do not have to make things complicated. Try to write using simple words using proper grammar structures.

Use of Apostrophe

You do not use an Apostrophe when the subject is plural. Check out the given sentences.

The boy’s hostel.

The boys’ hotel.

The girls’ hockey tournament

The girl’s hockey tournament.

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