5 Little Known Facts About IELTS Speaking

For some candidates IELTS speaking is a very easy test. They speak with confidence and get the score they really want. But, there are some unfortunate candidates who take this test multiple times but do not get the score they need.

If you know what the examiner gives importance to then it will be easy for you to get a good score. There are some facts that you should get acquainted with before you take the test. We have listed them down for you in this post.

Are ideas very important when you speak on a topic?

You will be given a topic in IELTS Speaking Part 2 and you will have to speak about it for at least a few minutes. Most of the candidates focus too much on ideas. But in reality, it is not necessary. If you can talk about the topic in a general way, it is enough. Examiner wants to see how good you are speaking. Your examiner is least concerned about your thoughts or ideas.

For example:

Historical importance of the city you live in

You can talk about some historical monuments if you can and after this, you can begin talking about some experiences. But, try to connect them well. It is important that you should provide only accurate information. If you do not know who built Othello's Tower, no issues. You can talk about some other interesting aspects of the tower.

Your dressing sense matters a lot, really?

No, you do not have to focus more on your dressing. Even if you are casual, that is good. But, it is recommended that you should look as formal as you can.

You should speak like a foreigner or else you will not score higher

You need to speak in your own voice. You do not have to put on foreign accent. Examiners are good at identifying whether you are speaking in your own natural tone or not. Mimicking any foreign accent can lead to low band score

Is it true that if I have to score higher in IELTS speaking I will have to butter up the examiner?

That is absolutely nonsense. Examiners are trained. They may laugh a little at jokes that you may crack to make you feel more comfortable. But, your funny or charming attitude may not get a better score in IELTS speaking. It is only your English language that can help you get through it.

If you can’t answer the question, you will not get a high score

Especially in part 3 of the test, the examiner may ask you some questions. But, it is not necessary that you should be able to answer all the questions. Let us say, the examiner wants to understand more about the historical importance of your city and you have already said everything that you could. So you can simply ask the examiner if you can talk about some other aspects of your city. For example, nightlife in the city, amusement parks in the city, etc.

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